Creating a better society
with Art

About how we give back as an organisation and how can art change the world.

Apre Artnet Social Impact Pledge

Aprè Artnet is a buy and sell platform for art collectors and artists to sell their art collections, with expert help without the big premium taken from galleries and auction houses. 

Sounds good right? We believe ART is MORE THAN THAT.

We believe Art can have an impact socially and we pledge to do so by donating a percentage of every sale through our platform to an NGO dedicated to moving humanity forward. Our current chosen Charity to work with is Operation Hope Foundation, who provide clean water, Homes, Toilet and education to children in poverty in area such as Nepal and Cambodia.

We can all be the change of the world by doing what we love.

Every Transaction on Apre Artnet
contribute to advancing the life of a disadvantaged child.

Thank you for helping us to help them.