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Find all infomation on this page about how to sell your work with Apre-artnet.

Sell your art directly and securely on Aprè

Aprè Artnet is a buy and sell platform made for art collectors and artists, with expert help without the big premium taken from galleries and auction houses. We provide art collectors and artists the freedom and tools to sell their art collection directly through our platform. 

Our Goal is to make buying and selling art transparent and seamless online, serving art collectors and artists with the support of the latest technology provided by the art world. 

Advantages of using Aprè to sell your art

Our Expert Team

Our experience team have combined 30 years of expertise managing Art Museum Collection, International galleries, worked with Blue-chip Artists and worked with art collectors and managed High-net-worth Investment, we are confident that we understand the need of art collecting and can assist in determining and achieving the best price of your work.

No Extravagant Commission Taken

Auction houses and art galleries often take 50% upon the sale price from lister and give seller no freedom of setting the sale price. Aprè works on net pricing, meaning no commission will be taken from the Seller. The gallery collects commissions from the buyer only. Sellers get the freedom to set the price of their art collection. 

Worldwide Audience

With the latest technology for the artworld, selling and collecting art has never been easier. Art Collectors can view and buy art without the limitation of time and space, reaching international collectors audience.

No Limitation of Time and Space

Enjoy the best of our online platform, reach international collectors anytime anywhere.

Our Technology

We use the latest technology from the art world, such as virtual exhibition and blockchain certificate. 

Our Art Handling Team

Our dedicated art handling team come to you to pick up and deliver your art door-to-door, anywhere. We pack it, ship it and insure it in the best fine art standard as possible. 

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