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Current Exhibition 

About the Exhibition:
Exhibition Duration: 13 November to 14 December, 2020 
Opening Hours: 12-6pm
Fama Studio, G/F PMQ, Hong Kong
The Virtual Reality Online Version will be available soon. 

Hong Kong Street #5
Hong Kong Street #8, Derry Ainsworth, 2020
Hong Kong Street #5, Derry Ainsworth, 2020

About the Artist 

Derry Ainsworth is a British photographer based in Hong Kong. Works and lives in Hong Kong, his work captures the buzzing life of big cities around the world. He is one of the very first professional photographers who use drones to capture photographs in big cities.


Drop off, Derry Ainsworth
Dropping Off, Derry Ainsworth, Hong Kong, 2020

Containment, Derry Ainsworth, 2020
Containment, Derry Ainsworth, Hong Kong, 2020
Watching Over
Watching Over, Derry Ainsworth, Hong Kong, 2020

In 2014 Derry booked a one way flight to Asia with little more than just a camera in his hand. He visited big cities in Asia to get inspired by the architecture, culture and new scenery.


When he arrived in Hong Kong he immediately fell in love with the place and decided it could be somewhere he would like to live. It took exactly 111 days of living in a youth hostel for him to land his first job in architecture. He had very little money and a lot of spare time - so he used it to teach himself photography. He went out almost everyday exploring Hong Kong and learning how to use his camera. The city itself kept him constantly inspired.



Derry went on to work in architecture for two years here in Hong Kong. In that time his eye for angles and perspectives developed and he began to apply that to his photography. As time went on Derry began to get some interest in his work and started picking up some jobs in photography on the side. The work picked up and eventually he made the decision to quit his full time job to pursue his passion full time, knowing full well that it would not be an easy ride. 


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Since then, his work has been featured by numerous publications, such as Forbes, Getting Images and the South China Morning Post. He has worked with some of the biggest cultural events in Asia, such as the Clockenflap, the Art Basel Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Rugby 7s, capturing Asia's culture with his lens.

In order to survive in one of the world's most expensive cities with only a camera, Derry taught himself how to shoot almost every different field of photography - just so he could keep a roof over his head and put food on his plate. He learnt everything from cityscapes to portraits, food to interiors, drone work to videography. When somebody asked him if he could do something - the answer was always 'yes.' Derry has now been a photographer based in Hong Kong for over 6 years and has been fortunate enough to work on a huge variety of events and projects with brands from all across the world.

He combines his variety of experiences and skills to put together his unique photography style. To this day he continues to explore the city with his free time, constantly looking for new and unique ways to capture the city of Hong Kong.